What our Members Say

Judy Alter

Author of The Gilded Cage

I don’t think I’d ever have written a mystery, let alone found a publisher, if I hadn’t found the Guppies.

Edith Maxwell

Author of Delivering the Truth

I joined the Guppies when I was very nearly a Great Unpublished, with only a couple of short crime stories as my publication credits. Now I hold three multi-book contracts, with thirteen novels under my belt, and at least four more mysteries under contract. I know I wouldn't have gotten published without what I've learned from the Guppies, from the support offered to the knowledge sharing to the critique swaps. Sisters in Crime, and particularly my dear Gups, have taught me almost everything I know about becoming and being an author.

Ellen Byron

Author of Plantation Shutters

Being a Guppy means support 24/7 professionally AND personally.

Patrick Tylee

Author of Rebellion

Being a Guppy is about being invited to become part of a family. Friendly competition and professional courtesy are taken to the next level - to truly care for those who are a step or two behind along the path, because we hope for their success.

Micki Browning

Author of Adrift

I joined the Guppy Chapter because the one thing I knew about writing was that I had so much more to learn. The Guppy classes have been phenomenal, but it is the inclusiveness of the community that really gives this group strength.

Kaye George

Author of Requiem in Red

The Guppies were my link to the mystery writing world when we moved to a place with nothing but romance authors. They're very nice, but I breathed easy when I found the Guppies, my people. I would not have kept writing without the encouragement and education I've gotten here.

Our Anthologies

Fish or Cut Bait: The Third Guppy Anthology, the latest installment in the Guppy Anthology Series, presents a collection of mystery stories by rising stars of the mystery and suspense field. Tales of revenge and retribution...police detectives...cozy characters...hardboiled P.I.s...there's something here for every fan of crime and detection!
Nominated for a Silver Falchion

Fish Nets: The Second Guppy Anthology, dredges up even more thrills, chills, and gills. Like its predecessor, Fish Tales, this collection of mysteries by members of Sisters in Crime's "Guppies" group features the best of what the mystery genre has to offer--a fresh catch of mysterious murders, police procedurals, cozy characters, and hardboiled detectives--straight from the imaginations of some of mystery field's rising stars.
Come on in, the water's fine! Don't mind the sharks...

Fish Tales casts a wide net across the mystery genre, delivering thrills, chills, and gills. This water-themed collection features locked room puzzles, police procedurals, cozy characters and hardboiled detectives. With a pool of motivations ranging from greed and revenge to loyalty and justice, these stories will lure you in with killer hooks and fishy characters.
Come on in, the water's fine. But be careful, or you might find yourself sleeping with the fishes.

Recent Work

SinC Guppies: A Short History


In June, members of the SinC Internet chapter, then on the Genie computer network, started a land-mail group for unpublished members.


The Guppies sought official recognition from SinC National.
A newsletter was established to share information and opportunities, interviews, reviews of useful resources, and member news and expertise.


The Guppies adopted formal membership policies requiring current SinC membership and a willingness to participate and exchange knowledge and experiences.


The first Guppy Steering Committee was established.


As Internet use spread, members gradually began exchanging ideas and manuscripts online.


Guppy members received mystery award nominations for Agatha and Mary Higgins Clark Awards.


In February, the Guppies had more than seventy-five members. A website was created.


Membership topped 200.


Newsletter distribution went electronic.


The Guppies adopted formal bylaws and became a Sisters in Crime chapter.
In May, we celebrated the 300th Guppy.


In January, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of First Draft.
Our first face-to-face critique group was formed.


Guppies ruled Malice!


In May, two-dozen Guppies attended Malice, cheering our nominees and winners.


Membership hit over 400.


Guppies won at Malice and Left Coast Crime.
We created our first anthology, Fish Tales.


Fish Nets: The Second Guppy Anthology, was published.


Fish or Cut Bait: The Third Guppy Anthology, was published

Guppies at Conferences

You'll find other Guppies at any major mystery conference you attend. We'll be on panels, signing books, and joining together for lunch or dinner or drinks at the bar.